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ShanHai origins in the late 1990s, the American -owned enterprises.Our pristine business is mainly seafood processing , supplemented with “supplied material” business for the U.S. and European markets , We have processing bases in Dalian and Shandong to manufacture in large quantities wild and farmed salmon fillet , breaded seafood series , vannamei shrimp etc. It is export-oriented foreign trade enterprise.

With the needs of domestic economy , ShanHai has invested heavily in road transport and set up a logistics company for frozen food , The new cold chain equipments ensure the high quality of ShanHai frozen food ,Meanwhile ShanHai has developed and introduced more frozen foods from other fields range from flour-made dishes to frozen seafood to frozen meat, etc, Frozen foods we supply appear in high-quality, good- taste and attractive glamor image in front of people , and win mouth to mouth good reputation.
To ensure high- quality natural green frozen foods , Shanhai procures around the world and use the most exclusive original production methods to maintain and protect the original taste and original product quality, With advanced equipment , ancestral techniques and HACCP process management, Shanhai gets huge market share and good reputation. Meanwhile, we strengthen and improve manufacturing pollution control to prevent cross-infection and the regeneration of secondary pollution .

In early twenty-first century , Shanhai started up its retail business in Dalian  and launched fresh and frozen food supermarket chain named “Big Fish” to serve for communities, It is the place where you can truly get delicious food there, It greatly benefits the surrounding area residents . Semi-finished dishes appear to save your refrigerator space and to save your diet time . 'get Home, Be cheaper” Shan Hai people always put the rule " Food safety comes first” in the buttom of heart. To be committed to the development of human food , We give it as a gift for the well-off society