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Hello everyone!

Please allow me to give my Sincere thanks to our industry and related enterprises those who ever gave their love and help to Dalian ShanHai.

And give My thanks to International and domestic customers who have ever given their trust and compliments to Dalian ShanHai.

As of today’s development, We thank to the supports from the multi-industry friends and customers and hard-working of our staff. Thinking back, It is filled with emotions in heart; Looking to the future, We still have a long way to go. Though increasingly difficult of international environment, It’s intertwined by hopes and difficulties, opportunities and challenges. However, the accumulation of ten years of consolidating from business network to software and hardware environment to a solid foundation for two terminals of market.

Thus, we have the confidence and ability in the development of our future , keep on to perform  business principles "value contract, keep credit" , improve corporate philosophy of working and developing in harmony, be tolerant to diversity, be brave to embrace challenges and to experience something new and become unexpectedly strong , To make enterprise continue to grow and develop in the international complex environment . I would like to work together with our staff based on the industry and keep abreast of times, look for innovation and contribute to the society to benefit the people!