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Chilean Atlantic salmon prices slumped 6.8% to the US in week 24 as produces resumed exports after a lengthy disruption in May because of a fishermen's strike, according to the weekly Salmonex price index.

In the US, average wholesale prices for D trim Atlantic salmon slumped by $0.36 to $4.97 per pound, from $5.33 per pound a week ago.

Prices for 10-12 head-on Atlantic salmon to Brazil rose to $7.39 per kilogram -- a week-on-week increase of $0.03.

In Japan, the average prices for frozen headed and gutted (H&G) coho, sizes 46, remained unchanged at JPY 675/kg, while prices for frozen H&G trout were also unchanged at JPY 785/kg.

The price development recorded by Salmonex can be viewed on our prices portal here (Found under salmonids, Atlantic salmon Chile).


Salmonex's index is based on weekly data from sales prices of 15 Chilean producers. The producers have signed a NDA with Salmonex. These producers represent 80% of the fresh supply from Chile.

The price is equivalent to FOB Miami (After handling at cold storage). Trim D represents 72% (aprox) of the supply of fresh fillet from Chile to the US market.